North End Resident Vying to be MLB “Cave Dweller”

North End resident, Christine Lorigo, is a nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital, but she really wants to spend the next baseball season in the Major League Baseball Fan Cave. If chosen, she’ll head to New York City with the challenge of watching every game of the season in the Fancave, which is located in the old Tower Records in Greenwich Village. The idea is to get fans more in touch with the game of baseball via social media.

I am a diehard baseball fan and the MLB has never had a ‘cave dweller’ from Boston. This would be an amazing opportunity for not only myself, but for the city. I am honored and excited to have made it this far. It would be great for others to see and learn what the MLB Fancave is and also vote to support me. I think it would be fun for the whole city and of course the North End to have a face in the community involved in something so neat.

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On February 13th, they dwindle the finalists from 50 to 30 so vote quick.

Originally from Philadelphia, the Phillies are actually her favorite team. Having lived in the North End for ten years, she also loves the Red Sox and a lot of her “campaigning” was done at Fenway. She made a neon orange sign, which you can see in the pictures, and carried it around all last season to baseball games.

I took pictures with the sign and tweeted them to the Fancave all year long. I guess my year long campaign worked pretty well;) I also got the amazing opportunity to visit the Fancave this September for the night. I bid on the ‘Fancave experience’ in the Jimmy V auction and won. I got to bring two friends with me and hang out with the ‘cave dwellers’ that were there last year. It was such a great opportunity. I am actually in the Fancave for some of the pictures.

Christine writes a blog and has been posting about what it has been like to be selected as a finalist. Here is a link to the blog: You can also follow her on Twitter or send a twitter shout out to @tinelorigo.