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Blizzard 2011 in the North End / Waterfront – Video Slideshow

I took a walk with my camera during today’s blizzard and captured this video slideshow of the North End / Waterfront. The music is “Skating” by Vince Guaraldi which is what I was doing on this walk. In the beginning, there was almost no one outside and I experienced one of those few moments when there is complete silence in the city. Then, toward the end, the car shovelers started to come out and even some birds eating berries in Christopher Columbus Park that forgot to fly south for the winter.

7 Replies to “Blizzard 2011 in the North End / Waterfront – Video Slideshow

  1. This is unbelievable. I played it 5 times. I felt that same calm yesterday as it slowed everything down. Now comes the mess! Thanks for making this video.

  2. Excellent as usual. So nice to see the neighborhood in fresh snow before it turns into city snow. ( without being the one walking around) Thanks Matt

  3. Beautifully done video. I loved the birds feasting on the berries amidst the snowy branches the best. The calm on Commercial St and Hanover St looked to be a peaceful respite.

  4. Boston sure looks lovely in white. A beautiful video! A great way to view the storm without being in it.

  5. Thank you. Love it. Especially love the bird in the berry tree, oh and to see Hanover Street deserted, and the Prado. Ok, I love it all. I love the North End. Thanks again.
    Marina , Miami, Fl p.s. Not so warm & sunny here today

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