Paul Revere House Looking for Shoveling Help [Done!]

North Square after the Blizzard

The staff of the Paul Revere House (19 North Square) is hoping someone can help them clear the snow out front until they can get into the city. Director Nina Zannieri is stuck in Rhode Island and with the T shut down, her staff can’t get to the North End to shovel until at least Sunday or Monday.  Normally, their custodian comes in and gets started but he has no way in except the T.  Are there any volunteers (or for a small fee) that would want shovel the front walk as soon as possible?  The staff just does not want the place to be impassible for days. Feel free to call Nina at 401-728-8029 if you can help!

Saturday PM Update: The front walk was shoveled by some friendly North Enders! See the before and after photos below.

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    1. This is Nina from the Paul Revere House — Thanks so much– will you let me know who you are so I can thank you properly!!

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