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Gilardi Group Donates Pizzas to NEW Health Centers

The Gilardi Group of Gibson Sotheby’s recently donated 85 pizzas to the North End Waterfront (NEW) Health centers in the North End and Charlestown.

Toni Gilardi of the Gilardi Group / Gibson Sotheby’s Realty said, “My team and I are so happy to help spread a little joy to our neighborhood healthcare workers.”

The pizzas came from Locale Pizzeria at 350 Hanover Street, and the dough was specially made in this individual size by Mark Pesatoro. Gilardi gave a special thanks to Locale owner Jennifer Pittore saying, “When I asked her if she would make 85 individual pies, she didn’t hesitate for a minute and they delivered them. Big shout out!”

7 Replies to “Gilardi Group Donates Pizzas to NEW Health Centers

  1. That was so nice of the Gilardi Group to donate these pizzas. Just a wonderful group of people thank you Toni so kind and thoughtful of you.

  2. Times like these is what makes me so proud to be a North Ender. People are always giving and coming together in a crisis. Toni Gilardi, that was wonderful and kindhearted or you and Jennifer Pittore, you are amazing, always giving back to the neighborhood.
    God bless you all and stay safe!

  3. Not because Toni Marie is my Daughter, but her Generosity and Humanity goes way beyond expectations !!! I have always been a Proud Mummy but this is really a testament of her having such a good solid core !!
    BY THE WAY——
    I heard that the individual size piazzas were delicious !!!

  4. Class move by one of the best realtors, if not the best, in the North End.

    Arthur OConnor
    New York, NY

  5. WELL DONE North End Spirit is Alive and Well. God Bless All who made this generous, caring , delicious pizza lunch possible. And Janet a Proud Mommy you should be, as the saying goes the apple does not fall far from the tree. Please everyone Stay Safe

  6. Thank you Toni it was very thoughtful of you to think of us, it was delish, the whole staff enjoyed it and were thrilled they got a whole pizza!!!!! Thanks again God Bless you and keep you safe!

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