Locale’s Jennifer Pittore Collects Back-to-School Donations for HELPIS

by Karen Parker Meyers, HELPIS

Jennifer Alesandro Pittore, a frequent donor to HELPIS, has been having a drive for us in her North End restaurant Locale Boston on Hanover Street. In a very short period, with the generosity of her patrons and friends, Jennifer has collected a large number of donations, primarily back to school items for children in need. Some of the donations included school supplies, masks and hand sanitizer, clothing, shoes and non-perishable foods. We are extremely grateful for the kindness shown to HELPIS by Jennifer and the North End community. So many children, teens and their families will benefit from this amazing support. Locale Boston will continue the HELPIS drive until the end of the month. Make sure to show this family-owned business your support by visiting their establishment. I also want to thank Maria Peary for chasing me down with more donations of backpacks while I was making the pick up.

HELPIS is a non-profit organization and social network, based out of Burlington, that promotes and encourages kind and charitable deeds. We connect people in need with people and organizations who want to help. There are so many people in need, but there are also so many people who would love to help, but who don’t know how to make their contributions meaningful. That’s where we come in.

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  1. Jennifer Pittore, this does not surprise me. She has always been a giving and caring person. So proud to know you and your family. Keep up the good work! You always make the North End proud!

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