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North End Feast Societies Organize Fundraiser to Combat Food Insecurity During COVID-19

The North End Feasts Societies have teamed up to create an All Saints t-shirt to raise money for food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proceeds from the online sale of the special edition shirt will benefit the neighborhood’s food insecurity programs run by the ABCD Neighborhood Service Center and NEW Health Center. These programs ensure fresh groceries and prepared meals are available to lower income families and seniors in the North End and Boston neighborhoods during the ongoing public health crisis. Both the ABCD and NEW Health organize year-long food programs to benefit our neighbors.

The North End festivals celebrate the lives and good works of our patron Saints and our Blessed Mother, who have exemplified faith and hope for generations. We look to them now for inspiration and hope during these uncertain times.

The All Saints shirts will be sold online only and shipped directly to you. Visit the following website to purchase your special edition shirts:

3 Replies to “North End Feast Societies Organize Fundraiser to Combat Food Insecurity During COVID-19

  1. good work to all socities I ve always said we are, so much more than a weekend festival in July and August, and we prove it once again, God Bless, Stay Safe each and one and families.

  2. The abcd facility in the north end is closed until further notice They do great work lets hope they can bring their services back soon

  3. Hello to all our friends in the North End. This is Maria Stella Gulla, Director of the North End/West End NSC. Although we have had our doors closed due to COVID-19 we haven’t been idle. We have been connected with our clients by making wellness calls and making food pantry deliveries for our homebound residents. Needless to say how much it pains me to know that our seniors are scared and lonely during these uncertain times. Phone calls and reassurance sometimes is all they need.
    We are in the phase of planning to reopen in accordance with the Governor and Mayor’s guidelines. Things will be a bit different but we will always do whatever we can to serve and protect the seniors and families of our communities.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our friends and supporters and see you soon.

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