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Daffodils Arrive at Christopher Columbus Park

Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) members Robyn Reed, Pauline Cuoco, and Terese O’Connell, under the direction of Meredith Piscitelli, have placed nearly 200 pots of daffodils under the trellis and nearby at Christopher Columbus Park.

These flowers have come to symbolize hope and resilience in the aftermath of the 2013 Marathon Bombings and have taken on new meaning in the face of the current pandemic. This year, instead of lining the marathon route, daffodils were distributed to Boston area hospitals to thank frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

Come for a walk in the Park and enjoy the display through Monday, when the flowers are expected to be in full bloom. On Tuesday, visitors are welcome to come and take a pot of sunshine home.

The story of the daffodils’ trip from the Netherlands to Boston is intriguing. Take the time to scan the QR code on the colorful sleeve of each container and learn about “The Path of the Daff,” an award-winning documentary by Michael Piscitelli, and produced by Michael Piscitelli, Matthew Piscitelli, and Clive Olson.

If you can’t visit the Park, check out the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park’s Facebook page for a virtual daffodil experience.

Photos courtesy of Meredith Piscitelli.