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In Loving Memory of Robert “Bobby D” DeCristoforo

10 years ago, on April 19, 2010, our dear friend Bobby D was taken away from us totally unexpectedly. It was a shock to all of us that someone so kind, so caring and so loving could be gone so young. During this crazy time of Covid-19, the world needs people like Bobby D to help us all get through this.  Bobby would not be asking why this was happening, he would be looking to see what he could do to help those who were in need.

To honor our friend’s spirit, take a few minutes each day and find a way to do something nice to help someone, even if it is just a phone call to say hello.  Let a friend, a relative, or a neighbor know they are not alone and that you care, that is the least Bobby D would do for all of us!

Bobby touched many lives and took us many places with North End Against Drugs (NEAD). These photos capture some of those people and places.

4 Replies to “In Loving Memory of Robert “Bobby D” DeCristoforo

  1. WOnderful man…YES, let’s each place a call to a friend who needs a bright spot in their day, in honor of Bobby D. 🙂

    1. Bobby was a wonderful caring man who always put others before himself. He was gone too soon and is missed. Rest in Peace.

  2. Bobby D was always thinking about how to help others. He had a great impact on the youth of the North End through North End Against Drugs (NEAD) and also those affiliated with the old Christopher Columbus High School. He was taking kids & families to the old Boston Garden and the new Boston Garden, Fenway Park, and many other places. I believe that he made a commitment to serve others the best that he could. He is truly missed. Thank you Booby D.
    The North End is so lucky to have NEAD & our friends who make it happen. Thank you to them also.

  3. Bobby was the “real deal”. I worked with him at the North End Community Center from 1978-1980 and his commitment to the North End youth inspired me. His kindness and tenacity amazed me. His loyalty to family and friends touched my heart. I’m certain he walks among the angels in heaven.

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