Friends of Christopher Columbus Park Sees the Fruits of Their Labor


Highlights and news from the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) meeting on July 13th meeting:

Membership – The organization reports 187 members in good standing after its latest membership campaign.

The Horticulture Committee reported that the roses in the park are suffering with the heat, but otherwise the park is looking great. The group has been trimming the lower parts of the trellis wisteria to reveal the intricate trunk patterns. Volunteers meet on Wednesdays and Sundays to work in the park. As a testament to their hard work, it was commented that the flower beds at CCP look better than those in the Public Garden.

New Trees – President Joanne Hayes-Rines reported on the disappointing growth of recently planted trees on the path that runs parallel to Tia’s. Preliminary input from the Parks Department is that saltwater in the water table may be to blame. FOCCP purchased the trees and is looking to the vendor for replacements.

Doggie Bags – FOCCP is investigating the addition of doggie bags in the park through the Parks Department.

Fountain – A concerned parent informed FOCCP of a large mud puddle that develops into a mess along the fountain in the park. FOCCP is considering options to alleviate the situation.

Shakespeare – A Shakespeare group has approached FOCCP about performing in the park and looking for funding support for amplification.

Gala – The annual fundraising gala is scheduled for Friday, November 19th at the Long Wharf Marriott Hotel.

Columbus Day, October 11th – FOCCP has formed a committee to work on an event in the park. The parade is not in the North End this year as it switches every other year to East Boston.

Trellis Lights – Committee Chair Jay Thompson is looking at taking the old lights down as they research new lights for the upcoming winter season.

Bulletin Board – The FOCCP bulletin board in the park is open for community notices sent to

Facebook – FOCCP is on Facebook! Click here to view and join their page.

The next meeting of FOCCP is scheduled for August 9th. The meeting will be held on Monday to avoid a conflict with an event in the park on Tuesday, August 10th as part of the Waterfront Performing Arts Series (see the Calendar).

More information on FOCCP can be found at