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Long Wharf Seawall Stabilization Invitation for Bids

The Boston Redevelopment Authority d/b/a Boston Planning & Development Agency (the “BRA”), is issuing an Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) entitled “LONG WHARF SEAWALL STABILIZATION” at 206 Atlantic Avenue, (Long Wharf), Boston MA,  02110. The IFB is being issued in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 30, §39M, as may be amended. The project number for the work associated with this IFB is 5014G (hereinafter, the “Project”). 

The lowest responsible and eligible bidder for this Project will be invited to enter into a contract with the BRA to perform the scope of work as set forth in the provided bid documents, including addenda. The scope of work generally consists of:

  • Installation of new steel sheet pile over 189-linear feet length as close as possible to the toe of the existing granite block wall; and
  • Capping the new sheet pile bulkhead with a 4-wide concrete cap and fill the area between the new and existing walls with a flow-able concrete fill.   
Date Available02/05/2020 09:00
Due Date03/18/2020 12:00
Pre Bid Meeting Date02/18/2020 13:30

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