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Reader Poll: What Are Your Initial Reactions to the Proposed Cape Air Seaplanes?

Cape Air hosted an information session in mid-December to present their proposal for seaplanes connecting Boston and New York City.

The proposal includes four daytime fair-weather flights that would launch from Waterboat Marina’s exterior dock located past the tip of Long Wharf, taxi one mile out to Logan’s Runway 1432, and take off for the NYC’s Skyport.

Cape Air and Waterboat Marina are requesting three moorings in the mooring field between the harbor and the dock remain unoccupied to provide an informal “channel,” which would keep seaplanes clear of the ferry fairways and approaches.

Presidents of both the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) and North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) requested Cape Air attend future community meetings to work with residents and maintain an open dialogue.

While we’re still a ways away from jet-setting to Manhattan on a nine-seat Cessna Caravan 208 Amphibian, what are you initial thoughts on the idea? Do you support the seaplanes? Dislike the concept? Feel intrigued to learn more? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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7 Replies to “Reader Poll: What Are Your Initial Reactions to the Proposed Cape Air Seaplanes?

  1. I don’t really see the point. Why would anybody take this to NYC when they can fly out of Logan and be in NYC in 45 minutes?

    1. I see the potential.

      The current flight time is 45 minutes, but often you taxi for the same amount of time. Instead of landing adjacent to Manhattan, you are also landing in Queens. Depending on your final destination, the trip from the airport can add another hour of travel time.

      For similar reasons, even Amtrak competes with the short flight time despite the longer train travel times (Acela ~3.5 hrs, NE Regional ~4.2 hrs). I wish we prioritized higher speed rail. When I lived in Liverpool, UK I could get to London in ~2 hrs by train, despite the distance being similar to Boston to Newark, NJ.

      1. Agree about the convenience of rail. It would be great if they could cut down the travel time, but the convenience of actually arriving in the city can’t be beat. I just wish the Amtrak prices were competitive with low cost airfares.

        1. Absolutely! If I booked a ticket tomorrow Liverpool > London, it would cost $49 one-way by train. In contrast, a ticket from Boston > NYC tomorrow is at least $111.

          The base fare for the Liverpool trip is $23 vs. $56 for Boston…

  2. Joey —–You’ve got a point. One can get to Logan just as fast, or faster than a small seaplane which needs to taxi there for takeoff. On the plus side, the Cessna would land in Manhattan , FDR drive at the marina landing at 23rd Street. And you’re there! That’s the only advantage I can see. Is Boston a bit too small and congested for this venture? Noise, pollution, marina traffic??? Obviously I have mixed feelings !

  3. A trip from Boston to NYC by conventional air is a FOUR hour affair. Terribly inconvenient, traffic to deal with , including cost of water taxi or cab, security lines and waiting, half hour to board the plane , another hour or so in the air, then transportation from the airport to Manhattan. I have done it enough times . It takes four hours at a minimum!
    Contrast this with walking from the Marriot to the plane and 1 1/4 hour later you are on Manhattan.

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