Reader Poll: Do You Like the New Moon Street Clock?

Last month, a clock was added to the 16 Moon Street development, displaying the time on all three street-facing sides. The clock also lights up green at night, so pedestrians can see the time in the dark.

What do you think of the clock? Is it a nice added touch to the new building? Or does it stand out in a negative way? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are unscientific and reflect only those who choose to participate. polls do not have any official significance and are only intended for the interest of our readers.

5 Replies to “Reader Poll: Do You Like the New Moon Street Clock?

  1. Yes, I love it !!! Since the Europian and NBSIS ‘s clocks were taken down~~~~~I don’t know what time it is ! ha ha ha

  2. It is a beautiful clock but is out of place and doesn’t blend in. It is more suitable on a commercial building not a residential one.

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