Jeff and Lorraine Allen at Boston Pewter Company Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Boston Pewter Company at Faneuil Hall Marketplace has moved from its former location in the South Market building across the popular shopping area to the North Market building.

The company, owned by Jeff and Lorraine Allen of Topsfield, Massachusetts, is celebrating 30 years at Faneuil Hall. They specialize in pewter, hand-blown glass and hand-done scrimshaw on bone, antler or whale teeth. In addition, the shop has historic reproduction items such as the historic Paul Revere Bowl, which originated around the time of the Revolutionary War.

Boston Pewter Company works with regional artisans including glass blowers John Volpacchio, Jeremy Sinkus and Luke Adams. The shop also has items made at Pairpont Glass, the oldest glass company in the United States.

Lorraine highlighted the popularity of out of circulation pewter items sold at the shop, saying Boston Pewter Company specializes in Revolutionary War historical plates, Colonial Williamsburg tea sets and pieces from an old Massachusetts Foundry, Hudson Pewter.

Jeff attributes Boston Pewter Company’s success to their locally made products and the history behind them. “Along with the festival marketplace, history is a big part of Boston, we are on the Freedom Trail, it’s a big plus, people still come out for history.”

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