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North End Italian Cookbook – A Great Holiday Christmas Gift

Here is a suggestion for a special holiday Christmas gift: NORTH END ITALIAN COOKBOOK

It has been on the market since 1974. I wrote the first three as a fundraiser for the North End Union, our now defunct Community Settlement house.  All my 6 books were and still are extremely successful and the one and only written pertaining to our famous community including  the many seniors who gladly offered their input.

All books have been auctioned on Channel WBGH,  QVC,  and my recipes were included in so many many books, magazines and newspapers.

I also was a guest speaker at The Ritz Carlton,  Radio and TV shows and so on. I taught children at the Children’s Museum where I did food demonstrations etc. including Prisons for inmates in the culinary schools programs.

The book appropriately is called The North End Italian Cookbook, my 6th edition.  An exclusive in our humble village.

You can purchase the cookbook at many local stores and online at

Thank you for considering this possible Holiday goodie.
Marguerite Buonopane


3 Replies to “North End Italian Cookbook – A Great Holiday Christmas Gift

  1. I remember your recipes printed in the local newspapers, many of which I did cut out. I plan to purchase your book for gifts. Many thanks for letting us know.

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