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Neighborhood Photo: Last Grass at North End Ballfields

With the renovation project at Puopolo Fields underway, the large grass ballfields are being replaced with artificial turf. Resident MaryAnn O’Brien laments the changeover with this photo, saying “one of two grass spots (Columbus Park being the other) in the North End is being removed. It seems like a huge mistake to install artificial turf that raises the surface temperature and an odd choice for a city government that is claiming to be environmentally conscious.”

As concerns mounted at community meetings regarding the loss of natural grass, city officials defended the decision last Fall citing better drainage, more play hours and support by local sports and school groups. Langone Park’s little league field will stay natural grass.

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6 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Last Grass at North End Ballfields

  1. Very sad to see this grass area go. The grass areas have been so much cooler during the recent hot weather period. Agree this is a big mistake.

  2. Plastic bags are now banned in Boston but plastic grass is replacing real “green” grass. Go figure. A grass playing field with a new well designed underlying drainage system would have been the best way to
    go and cheaper. Also if artificial turf is superior why is the Little League field being kept as actual grass?

    1. This “beautiful community” was changed a long time ago and the City could care less as long as the tourists keep coming & spending their money.

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