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Reader Poll: Which Design Should Be Implemented for the Langone & Puopolo Parks Improvements?

At the end of January, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department held a community meeting to talk about renovations to the Langone & Puopolo Parks in the North End. The Parks project team presented attendees with these three design alternatives:

As you can see, all three plans include the little league field, bocce courts, and playground (although it’s relocated from it’s current spot in concept 3). Some of the big differences: Plans 1 & 2 have water access and a primary-use soccer field, Plans 2 & 3 have a primary-use softball field, Plan 2 has a half-court basketball space, and Plan 3 has a full multi-sport court and batting cage.

Which concept plan do you think should be selected? Vote in our reader poll and add your comments in the section below. Visit the project webpage to learn more and provide your input!

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

12 Replies to “Reader Poll: Which Design Should Be Implemented for the Langone & Puopolo Parks Improvements?

  1. A design that focuses on the baseball field not the softball field. The Knights youth baseball league is more important to the North End than SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY’s women’s softball team The choices ignore that. Whoever came up with the usage numbers does not have a clue how that park is used by the neighborhood

    1. Knights youth baseball? I think you have your sports mixed up! For someone claiming people have no clue you certainly seem to be throwing stones from a glass house. You’ve shown your comments shouldn’t be taken seriously. Go to the meetings if you want to voice your concerns.

      1. Oh Wow! I messed up the name of the NEAA youth baseball league that has been using the baseball field for decades. That gives some nasty nameless commenter permission to say I should not be taken seriously. Said no one ever. Who the hell are you to tell me or anyone that I need to go to meetings in order to express my opinion especially on a reader poll? Get over yourself and grow a spine and use your real name. otherwise STFU.

  2. Trees. Trees and more trees. Boston is in the low percentile of green cover for any city world wide!

    1. I am a little skeptical of that statement. I did some checking around and found and found one list and ther are others.

      It apprears that Detroit is at the bottom of near everyones list. San Francisco is near the top of everyones list. Boston I am guessing is near the middle. One list had Boston 60th as green city. I think wealth and climate have more to do with trees and plants in the city. Boston has good wealth and a fairly healthy climate. I think dome places are far worse off.

      A place that is actively used will be less likely to become the occasional homeless encampment.

  3. The multiuse plans would be the best to insure that the facility is fully utilized by as many people in Boston as possible. After all BP&R is funded by all Boston taxpays.

  4. A soccer field for local children in option one or two would be fantastic! Design two is especially lovely.

  5. Currently any NE kids looking to play outdoor sports other than Baseball need to join the Ctown teams because they have the fields. Soccer and/or Lacrosse fields would be great additions for this multi use turf field.

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