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Langone & Puopolo Parks Renovations to Begin July 1

The long awaited renovations of Langone Park and Puopolo Playground on Commercial Street in the North End are finally here! Work will begin the week of July 1, 2019.

The Boston Parks & Recreation Department began the community process to propose improvements to the parks back in October 2017. Two final design concepts were publicly released in May 2018. There was much discussion about whether Puopolo Park should be natural grass or artificial turf. In the end, the City decided to use artificial turf. The final plan rendering is most similar to Concept Plan B. Find more details on the City’s project website.

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6 Replies to “Langone & Puopolo Parks Renovations to Begin July 1

  1. If artificial turf will make dog owners think twice about using it as a dog toilet, that’s a good thing I guess.

  2. I agree that it really is disrespectful for people who do not pick up their dogs waste, but installing artificial turf where children play is a bigger concern.

  3. The timing seems a bit off. …… summer vacation for children. I often wonder who has the final say in projects.

    1. It’s prime outdoor construction time. What would be helpful would be to they plan to close the entire park or just sections for construction zones.

  4. I think it is terrible to pull up all of that grass to put in plastic, right near the harbor. I’m concerned it will increase the heat in the neighborhood in the summer, the birds will have fewer places to get their food, the dog waste will sit on top of the plastic turf, and there may be toxic outgassing of the material. We have so much artificial material here in the city already, and so few green spaces, I can’t support the decision to remove more real plants.

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