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Residents’ Association Voices Concerns About Artificial Turf at Langone & Puopolo Parks

Members of the North End/Waterfront Residents Association (NEWRA) expressed concerns about the planned use of artificial turf for Puopolo Park at the August NEWRA meeting.

In May, the Boston Parks & Recreation Department presented their two design plans for the parks, which both include synthetic turf over grass on the multi-use field. At that community meeting, a debate broke out about the use of turf and many residents continue to express concerns.

According to NEWRA members, an artificial turf would be unwelcome in the North End community for a number of reasons, including that it would remove the largest real grass space in the North End. Also, synthetic turf generates more heat than grass. According to a study, fake grass is 39 degrees hotter than real grass. This would make it unpleasant for families to enjoy the field in the summer.

Another downside is that artificial turf poses a lot of health risks and can cause injuries to athletes.

President Mary McGee said the plan did not make sense for the area. “We don’t have green space to spare,” she said.

The Association voted in favor of sending the Boston Parks & Recreation Department a letter voicing their dissent.

“We need to tell Chris Cook [Commissioner of the Parks Department] to put the brakes on this,” said McGee.

Some NEWRA members worried it was too late and that the Parks Department had already finalized the plan for synthetic turf. Representative Aaron Michlewitz said that wasn’t necessarily the case. He said that while they prefer to have artificial turf, the plan “isn’t written in stone.”

“It’s not a done deal yet,” he said. “They want to start construction in the spring of next year.”

The Boston Parks & Recreation Department has said in past meetings that they prefer artificial turf because it is more durable and lasts longer. It is more expensive to put in than a real grass field.

The Parks Department was invited to attend the NEWRA meeting but declined the offer, saying they will visit when they have more concrete plans to present.

9 Replies to “Residents’ Association Voices Concerns About Artificial Turf at Langone & Puopolo Parks

  1. If they are worried about keeping costs down, might want to start with turning the lights off at night when the field is not in use.

    1. I get your point. Very legitimate. However, I believe the lights are left on the public safety reasons.

  2. For the record I am not opposed to natural grass BUT with so many ppl upset about the turf why aren’t these same ppl upset about all the dog owners who fail to adhere to the rules that NO DOGS are allowed on the field. My child landed on excrement because of this. We built a dog park for a reason but every day we have dog owners on the field who could care less about the children. And yet we complain abt the turf “for the children”.

    1. You have a point. Can’t hide a doogy on the rubber surface. It won’t grow and show the pile like a sidewalk.

  3. Ive done some research and I have to be honest the amount of information that proves artificial turf causes cancer is minimal at best. Studies have been spread out far and few between. No major groups or universities have offered in depth studies. Other than a few NBC articles there hasn’t been much.

    Seems like an overreaction similar to the one we are seeing about plastic straws.

    1. There are many issues regarding Artificial Turf other than the cancer rumors that should eliminate AT as an option.

  4. I am glad that the public is coming forward and insisting on real grass. The downfalls of artificial turf are alarming from a cost, to sustainability to injury and health. It is time that people were made aware of the dangers.

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