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Dock Square Garage Housing Moves Forward With 6-Story Addition; 125 Feet High

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board approved the hotly contested development plan at Dock Square Garage at its June 13th meeting. The project is located at 20 Clinton Street between the Haymarket Hotel (Parcel 9, under construction) site and Faneuil Hall Marketplace, directly across Surface Road from the Greenway’s Parcel 12.

The proponent (FPG DS Owner One, LLC and FPG DS Owner Two, LLC) recently purchased the garage and intends to build a 6-story vertical addition of residential space along with a horizontal expansion to the existing structure. Most of the existing parking will be retained, with new public realm space added on the North Street ground floor side and a new lobby entrance where the Hard Rock Cafe is today.

Rendering of Dock Square Garage Redevelopment as seen next to Quincy Market

The original plans called for a 209-foot-tall building but after BPDA and community review, the approved plan is for a 125 feet tall building. The structure will be 420,000 gross square footage with 209 residential units and 27 of those units being income restricted. There will also be about 450 parking spaces.

According to the BPDA, the reduced total building height is pursuant to the Greenway District Planning Study Use and Development Guidelines adopted in 2010.

The BPDA Board approval comes after a meeting with the Boston Civic Design Committee (BCDC) in late May. In March, the BCDC rejected the plan causing the BPDA to make changes.

The project’s height reduction will allow for a partial view of the Custom House Tower from the Greenway

The design team was inspired by sea shells for the exterior looks. The outside of the building will have a shiny, bronzy feel to it as well as glass mixed in with the building. The original featured more glass. They also plan on having public art spaces on the Greenway (Parcel 12) side of the building as part of their mitigation project.

Dock Square Garage development rendering shown from Faneuil Hall

To accommodate a new ground-floor residential lobby, the existing commercial space will be reconfigured to approximately 11,500 square feet, including a new commercial space facing Surface Road. The plaza at Clinton & North Street will also be transformed as part of the public realm requirements.

9 Replies to “Dock Square Garage Housing Moves Forward With 6-Story Addition; 125 Feet High

  1. It’s heinous and has zero character. It looks like a massive prison:( Bet it will go up in record time.

  2. Very disappointing. This building is unattractive and just so way out of proportion for the space. It’s so clear that developers are in charge. The BPDA is still the BRA.

  3. Not only is Boston being overdeveloped, but it is being overdeveloped with poorly designed, unimaginative buildings.

  4. Give away the City that’s what the Mayors Office and the BRA are doing. We are not New York yet it seems like we are in competition with them GOD help us.

  5. M A. Your correct. Every piece of dirt that is available, they build on it. That’s why we have flooding in places where it never flooded before. The natural sponge is being built on and the sewers can’t handle it. They keep building and building and more congestion. The city, like most cities don’t care about the residents, The BRA is still around, they just changed the letters. They seem to want the North End to loose it’s charm and flavor. Changes are rarely any good. I moved here 10 years ago, I love the people who have been here for years. The city just wants to change it, cause it has changed for the worst, in regards to crime and brazen drugs and drunken homeless.

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