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What’s The 311? Broken Sidewalk, Playground in Need of Repair, and Litter at Columbus Park

Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at

Sidewalk Broken on Clark Street

Broken Sidewalk

“Sidewalk Broken. A lot of seniors live in the area and can get hurt”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on May 23, 2019. The case was then closed on the same day with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Resolved. This location has been inspected and, where possible, temporary repairs or safety improvements were made. We have referred this location for a permanent repair. See case #101002913856 for status of the permanent repair.”

DeFillipo Playground in Need of Repair

The posts of the climbing structure are very wobbly and unstable. They shake when children are climbing high and are a hazard. The posts need to be tightened/replaced.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was originally submitted and opened on May 21, 2019. The case is still open as of May 26, 2019.

Beer Cans Found at Christopher Columbus Park

“Beer cans thrown all over the park.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on May 26, 2019. The case is still open as of May 26, 2019.

Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 websitetweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!

8 Replies to “What’s The 311? Broken Sidewalk, Playground in Need of Repair, and Litter at Columbus Park

  1. I have too commend the committees in the North End for all the work they do, trying to keep the North End a safe , clean neighborhood. But, the city is and always has been a failure to keep neighbors clean and safe. The last ten years or so, we have seen so call educated college kids (. Not all ) come into this neighborhood and add too the garbage, the drunkenss all hours of the morning, trash and so forth. An increase in homeless people, who in spite of what people may think, can be quite dangerious. An increase in petty crimes to serious crime. Drugs everywhere, needles everywhere. It’s a shame, it’s sad and embarrassing when outsiders visit the N.E. and see how filthy it has become. The city can’t even mandate how you put your garbage out. Some put out over flowing garbage bags, not closed properly and even paper bags, pizza boxes with food still inside. I think most know, the rats will never leave the N.E. Since they are fed so well by pigs, who don’t care about the neighborhood . They are many good things also, families enjoying the parks, the waterfront, which is part of the N.E. There are good people here, long time and fairly new, who have the sense in their head and see, living in a neighborhood that still has an European flavor of an Italian, French, Spanish type of town. The smart ones appreciate it, the dumb ones are just dumb. Again, thank you to those in committees, organizations, that still care about this neighborhood . Now if the Police would just make an effort to put their thumb down and clear the low life’s, junkies, homeless out of the North End and the city start to enforce rules about garbage etc. it won’t take much to straighten the place out. The mayor once claim and stated, that illegals can live in city hall. We’ll send the homeless and druggies up there, let’s see how long they last.

    1. I like your suggestion. He made that claim knowing that the south west bears the brunt of the illegal’s housing issues. But to your point, since he feels that he can be that magnanimous to people who have yet to sneak over the border, maybe he can be that generous to people who are already here. Of course, he generous with other people’s money. If he wants to fix the country’s problem, let him start here.

  2. The more prosperous the No. End gets the more crime, drugs, & break ins. The D. A. made things to easy for all these offenders. What a shame we have to pay for her decisions, and it is going to get worse, unless she does a
    complete turnaround. The Trash Fines are not high enough that is why we have the same constant violators.
    Right on Michael G let’s send all the violators up City Hall to live, they have plenty of space to start building for
    the homeless.

  3. Yes, the sidewalk near Columbus Park~~WAS BROKEN, but so isn’t ~~~MOST OF OUR SIDEWALKS !!!!! Bricks are all over the place!!! These bricks were laid with sand in the mixture and really didn’t last long evenly !!! I can’t count how many times my friends AND MYSELF have fallen~~~when a person is of a certain age, they REALLY GET HURT~~~And take a long time to heal~~~TAKE CARE OF YOUR ELDERLY !!!!!!!!
    Mr. Mayor~~~~Do the sidewalks belong to you??? Well then~~~TAKE CARE OF THEM !!!!

    1. It’s frustrating and makes me angry that most of the sidewalks are in deplorable condition.As Janet Gilardi pointed out the elderly are especially at risk for falls and considering the foot traffic that that the neighborhood deals with the neglect is disgraceful and unacceptable.

    2. Unfortunately the mayor is focused on national politics and making a national image for himself to be concerned about people falling on the sidewalks of Boston. Your best bet is to get the local neighborhood groups to lead the charge. The veiled threat here is that the will galvanize voters.

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