Boston Public Works has posted the following signs to notify residents and businesses that Hanover Street resurfacing will begin on Tuesday, May 28th with the work lasting through June 6th. Crews will work primarily at night, 7pm to 4am, in order to expedite the job. The roadway will be milled and grinded down, structures will be height corrected and the street paved curb to curb. Cars in posted areas will be towed. See the schedule details below.

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  1. who was the idiot that came up with this time schedule..? 7pm -4am weekdays and 7am-1pm weekends..
    what about people that live there… ? why not do it from 8am -4pm Mon-Fri ..? is it because the workers won’t get overtime or time and half…? this city always has dumb idea’s and this is just another one, screw the people who live there..
    it’s ok in just a couple months and they’ll be back again to tear it up anyway..

    • Here it is Thursday night 7:45pm no resident cars parked on Hanover ST, only Valet cars parked and out town cars..once again screw the residents…. good job city of Boston


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