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“My Cousins Place” Receives Unanimous Support from Neighborhood Council for Hanover St. Coffee Shop

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, voted unanimously, 8-0, to approve the application for a coffee shop at 396 Hanover St., formerly occupied by Contrada’s Coffee Shop.

The applicants are Daniel D’Elia and Ralph Verrocchi d/b/a ”My Cousins Place,” to the Boston Zoning Board of Appeal to change the allowed use from “store with take-out” to “restaurant with take-out,” to remove the existing proviso“take-out service to this petitioner only,” and to grant a new 36A take-out to new business owner.  They have also filed an application with the Licensing Board for a 7-day CV license.

As explained by Attorney Daniel Toscano, the applicant intends to amend its application for a 9pm closing hour, instead of the filed 11pm, in response to feedback from abutters.

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association, NEWRA, had previously also voted to support this application which now goes to City officials for the final decision.

View the video for the presentation, discussion and vote on the zoning and licensing request.