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What’s The 311? Broken Sidewalk on Cross Street, Salem Street Pot Hole, and Trash Bags Cut Open on Moon Street

Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at

Broken Sidewalk on Cross Street

“This is the spot where on the night of August 23rd I tripped and broke my arm. My sister reported it to 311 and within 24 hours received a notice that it was resolved. This picture, almost 7 weeks later clearly shows that it was never addressed.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on October 9th, 2018. It was then closed on October 10th, 2018 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Closed. Case Noted. More info needed to process request, no contact details associated with case. Please contact Daniel.Nee@Boston.Gov or cal 617-635-3576.”

Salem Street Pot Hole Still Needs Repairs

“Sink hole Salem street and Bartlett. North End.”

The pot hole on Salem Street (sometimes reported as Bartlett Place) is back again.

The original 311 post can be found here. An additional case can also be found here. The case was submitted and opened on October 7th, 2018. The case has yet to be resolved as of October 10th, 2018.

Trash Bags Cut Open on Moon Street

“Hi. This is a photo of the condition I found the rubbish bags in front of my house on 10 Moon Street in Boston’s North End at 6am this morning. Overnight; someone sliced the bags open and left them in this condition. Can anything be done to prevent this from happen? I’m worry the garbage will spew all over the sidewalk and street before or during trash pick-up this morning. Please review and advise. Thank you.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on October 5th, 2018. The case was resolved later that day with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Noted. code enforcement can not issue a violation to people looking for bottles will let officer in area know these bags were ripped open by unknown individuals.”

Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 websitetweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!

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7 Replies to “What’s The 311? Broken Sidewalk on Cross Street, Salem Street Pot Hole, and Trash Bags Cut Open on Moon Street

  1. People CONSTANTLY go through our trash on Endicott St leaving trash everywhere. Despite my complaints to the city, 311, and our landlord nothing has ever been done.

    Then we get tickets and our landlord requires us to pay them in addition to our rent. It needs to stop.

    1. As long as there is still a deposit on bottles and cans not to mention no law on the books for going through someone’s trash it’s NEVER going to stop.

    2. I’ve found that the solution is to put my trash out the morning of collection. Less time on the streets leads to less potential for messing with it by humans or other.

  2. Leaving trash and recycling bags on the curb will always cause problems, whether from the pickers looking for bottles/cans or the critters looking for a meal. We should adopt the curbside vaults of cities like Vigo, Spain. It’s one the cleanest places I’ve every visited, and their system likely plays a big part. Check out this Google Streetview photo of one set of them:,-8.7242907,3a,75y,121.48h,82.54t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sxH0DJnlFXNci8r6InBa5GA!2e0!5s20160801T000000!7i13312!8i6656

    Each barrel has a different purpose, whether trash or separated recycling (e.g., glass, paper, etc.). The vault below the barrel stores the trash until collection day.

  3. This problem will never be solved until he City sends out police or members of the “TRASH” departments patrol the area and arrest those who come through early in the morning looking for deposit cans and bottles. In my area (east of Hanover) it is not homeless like many complain about but Asian women and well dressed males who tear the bags open and have trash flying about.

  4. I hear you loud and clear but as I wrote in my earlier post. There is no law on the books that can be applied to people who dumpsterdive or tear open trash bags.

  5. Jared. Good idea except that NE streets are too narrow and we’d lose parking spaces for the placements of vaults.

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