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Historic Neighborhood Photo: Boston Streets by Jules Aarons, Part 1

Photo courtesy of The Streets 1947-1976 and Public Spaces/Private Moments: The Photographs of Jules Aarons

Here is an image you may have seen before! This shot of men lounging in the North End was taken by Jules Aarons, a local photographer who enjoyed capturing the day-to-day life of people in Boston. Note the Freedom Trail sign on the street post in the background.

Aarons’ work dates over the course of three decades, from roughly 1947-1976. In fact, during this time, he took thousands of incredible pictures from all over the city, focusing in on street life in the West End, North End and South End. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorites!

Tune in on Thursday’s to view our featured neighborhood photo from back in the day! Submit your historical photos by tagging @northend.waterfront on Instagram. Please include a caption or story telling about your photo.

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14 Replies to “Historic Neighborhood Photo: Boston Streets by Jules Aarons, Part 1

  1. I love this photo! It looks like a 53 or 54 Chevy. Is that the Michaelangelo School on Charter Street?

  2. That’s in front of the north Bennett st industrial school Salem st side,,billy Venezia is in the picture I don’t know who the other guys are,,

  3. My guess its Salem St in front of the rear entrance of the industrial school there was a hangout called Cozy Corner.Could be mistaken though.

    1. North Bennett st. Industrial school. rear /side entrance…Salem street, across from drug store. Favorite hang out killing time..1951-1954

  4. It’s the corner of Salem and Prince St right across from Bova’s bakery. The building in the background is the DC power station.
    The guy on the far left was called “Duffy”, a tough, scrappy kid. I forget the names of the other guys.
    Augie Parziale would know who they are.

  5. The Friends of the North End guys have see this photo before. The consensus was that it was taken at the corner of Salem and North Bennet on the Salem Street side of NBSIS directly across from the Cozy Corner store front. on the corner of Sheafe Street. None of us could identify the man seated. The others are Duffy Baldassare,Frankie De Costa and Billy Venezia.

    1. I recognize Frankie De Costa and Billy V,, also a great hangout before entering the Thursday night dance I remember the DJ,,,,I think he was called Victrolla Vic.?

    1. Well I don’t know. Open shirt, untucked shirt and pants that weren’t ironed, at least not showing the crease. Would have had my old man throwing a fit. To quickly, be followed up with, “What’s up with that hair?”. That’s the hanging out on the corner look. The show off for girls. You can see that one guy, just arriving, most likely from home. You can bet the shirt tails were tucked in and shirts were buttoned by the time they got home. Otherwise, it’s off to the barber shop.

  6. you are right victor. salem and no. bennet sts. but that’s louie decosta, frankie’s older brother. that’s a 57 chevy

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