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Baraat, Groom’s Wedding Procession, Held in Columbus Park

The promenade in Columbus Park was the scene of a festive Baraat, which is a groom’s wedding procession that is traditional in North India, West India and Pakistan. The bridegroom, Michael O’Donnell, traveled to the wedding venue on a mare, accompanied by his family members.

Baraat in Christopher Columbus Park

The baraat procession was accompanied by the rhythm of the dho (Indian drum). The wedding guests stopped along the walkway to clap and sing to the rhythm of the dho. The groom did not take part in the dancing and singing, but he enthusiastically clapped to the rhythm and smiled broadly. Visitors to the park also clapped enjoying the ceremony.

The guests danced along with the groom/horse as they went from where Michael got on the horse to the point where the parents of the bride, Kinneri Mehta, received him just before entering the Long Wharf Marriott.

The City of Boston issued a permit for the baraat, held on May 19th, and worked with the family to assure a safe ceremony. It was wonderful to see the happiness on the faces of the wedding guests and everyone who walked through the park. Best wishes to Kinneri and Michael!