North Ender and Newlywed Laurie Strazzullo Wins New Car on ‘The Price is Right’

Right after getting married last Fall, North Ender Laurie Strazzullo went on the TV game show, The Price is Right and won a brand new car! The big news was confidential until the show aired on January 5th.

Joined in the audience by husband and lifelong North End resident, Louis Strazzullo, the couple wore t-shirts saying “To Do List: (1) Get Married, (2) Go On The Price is Right and (3) Honeymoon.”

Newlywed Laurie was selected from the hundreds in the audience and made it up to the main stage with host Drew Carey to play “10 Chances.” In the game, she had to guess the prices of three items, a waffle maker, laptop computer and a Ford Fiesta car.

Cheering husband, Louis Strazzullo, helped out by signing numbers to Laurie during the game which came down to the very last chance.

In the 10th chance, Laurie wrote down the correct price of $17,580 to win the new car!

Here are some screenshots from the show, that can be viewed on the CBS website at minute 22:00 in the online video (after a commercial).

12 Replies to “North Ender and Newlywed Laurie Strazzullo Wins New Car on ‘The Price is Right’

  1. Congradulations I am originally from the North End. My Dad lived on Endicott St. I always watch the Price Is Right, and I watched you win the car. I was routing for you and thought it was so indearing that your Husband was giving you numbers. Good Luck with your Car, Wishing you a Happy, Wonderful, til the end of time Marriage.
    I Love The Price Is Right Forever #1 Show
    Connie Sarpi-Shepard Karasek I live in CA.

    1. Hi Connie: My name is Janine Coppola and I still live on a Endicott St. Who was your father? It wasn’t Pat Sarpi was it?

      1. Hi Janine you may be too young to remember her but Connie is Pat Sarpi’s daughter. I remember her well. Joel Raffa in Pompano Beach, FL

  2. Hey Louis and Laurie…… Congratulations… …big winner on Price is right. Good start for 2016….Your mother must have gone crazy! Love from Sister Eileen and Ginny. XO

  3. I can’t even stand it! How fun is this! Congrats Louis and Laurie!!! I don’t know how you could keep such a secret for so long….

  4. Thanks for sharing such a great story !!! Always nice to hear good news~~~especially when it’s about
    our home town people !!!

    1. oh c’mon. she just needs to get a fraudulent handicap placecard, get the city to put in a handicap space in front your residence, use a cone to save it whenever you move your car, and vandalize the car of anyone that moves the cone to park in it. isn’t that they way it works in the north end…at least for the old timers? i see it all the time.

  5. Congratulations to both of you..
    What a way to start a marriage..
    Nice to hear smene from the North End won..
    Best of luck to both of you..

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