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Storm Surge Brings Record Flooding to Waterfront Areas [Photos]

Record flooding was seen Thursday afternoon in the North End and the downtown Boston waterfront as a 3 foot storm surge came in with a 12 foot high tide on the harbor.

Flood waters reached the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a first in Boston, and the highest levels since the Blizzard of ’78. The Aquarium T Stop was closed due to flooding and several buildings have been compromised along Atlantic Avenue and Commercial Street with significant water intrusions. Causeway Street was also closed most of the day with flooding at Lovejoy Wharf and Beverly Street. Some buildings lost power, including Lincoln Wharf, and thousands were left without internet or TV service.

The Boston Fire Department rescued some caught by the fast moving surge around Long Wharf and the Aquarium. Fortunately, we have not heard of significant injuries from the storm. BFD setup a center of operations at the Marriott Long Wharf.

Commercial Wharf parking lot flooding (photo by Teresa Mirabito)


Parked cars at Sargent’s Wharf are also surrounded by flood waters. (Photo by Frankie Boyer)

Commercial Wharf photo by Teresa Mirabito.

The low lying areas are being hit the hardest along Atlantic Avenue, Long Wharf, Aquarium, and many of the North End wharves. Officials have closed much of Atlantic Avenue where some pedestrians had to be rescued.


It’s also hitting other waterfront neighborhoods, including the Seaport and East Boston.


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