Snow Banks Cause Offsides Parking

Larry Smetana at Union Wharf shares the photo above showing how the snow banks along the cycle track forced cars to park in the vehicle travel lanes. Kelly Hand added a view of what happened when the snow melted and several cars remained parked “offsides” with some receiving tickets as a result.

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5 Replies to “Snow Banks Cause Offsides Parking

  1. The northernd is filthy,walked by Salem street and parnenter and the streets are so DIRTY…the north end was never Like this..😢

  2. While I have no doubt that some of this has to do with the cycle track (which many of the readers love to hate), the half ass job of plowing by the city is probably the biggest contributor.

    They pull cars off the street for a snow emergency and then plow 3’ off the curb. Unfortunately this isn’t just a NE/W problem, it’s all over the city.

  3. I am fairly new to the North End but I find the trash on our streets disgraceful. Would more trash receptacles help the problem? The few I see are usually overflowing! I think store owners need to be held responsible for cleaning in the vicinity of their stores. On weekend mornings the plastic food containers that stores provide for takeout are strewn everywhere.

  4. re: cars forced to park in car lane ….I called Lydia Edwards office and asked about it …they never got back to me , thanks

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