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What’s The 311? Tow Zone, Dog Droppings, Nonresidents Taking Permit Parking Spots

Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at

Resident Unhappy with Tow Zone on Lewis & Moon Streets

“Using a parking permit for 46 Lewis Street in an attempt to dominate Lewis Street as well as Moon Street. We have barely any parking in the North End as it is and this is very wrong.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on February 14, 2019. The case was then closed on the same day on February 14, 2019 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Resolved. Area will be checked and enforced.”

Recurring Dog Droppings on North Street

“I’m not sure that public works picks up dog feces but every other day it’s the same thing with this dog owner if it’s not in front of 305 North St. it’s 295 if it’s not 295 it’s 293 please post this somewhere with this dog owner can see this and will be responsible this is disgusting every week thank you so much for all the work you do here in the north end”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on January 15, 2019. The case was then closed that same day on February 15, 2019 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Resolved”

Nonresidents Parking on Hull Street

Nonresident parking in a resident parking spot on Hull Street.

“4 cars on Hull Street parked without sticker. I’m resident and just had to park in a garage due to no street parking.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The case was submitted and opened on February 9, 2019. The case was closed later that same day on February 9, 2019 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Resolved. TAGGED AREA.”

Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 websitetweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!

13 Replies to “What’s The 311? Tow Zone, Dog Droppings, Nonresidents Taking Permit Parking Spots

  1. It’s just not right that someone who has a resident parking sticker has to pay to park in a garage while people without a sticker park anywhere they please. Where is the enforcement?

    1. It’s just not right that someone who has a resident parking sticker has to pay to park in a garage

      A parking sticker does not guarantee one a free place to store their car. It’s a shame that has become a myth that folks like you feel entitled to. There are fewer than 2,000 parking spots for over 3,600 permits in the North End. So at least 1,600 folks are doing just that – paying to park in a garage – every night.

      It’s worth noting that the 1,600 inconvenienced drivers (who have to put their car up in a paid lot nightly) make up only 15% of the North End population (~10,000 total). Of the remaining 85%, 35% have found free parking and 50% don’t own a car at all. I think it’s safe to say that “inconvenienced” is a generous term.

      1. It’s not right that non-residents are parking in these spots and the city chooses not to enforce it on Sundays and holidays. Fines on these days would easily cover the overtime shifts and would demonstrate that the city actually cares about its residents.

        1. It’s time the city looks at intent when coming up with fines.

          Why does it cost a resident $200 for an honest mistake, yet someone who intentionally takes a resident spot, block a street, causes a dangerous situation, etc MAY get a ticket that is at best 25% of the cost of a street cleaning violation.

          1. Because if you don’t have the real threat of being towed for street sweeping, sadly many residents will not move their cars and the streets never get cleaned.

            1. A resident who makes an honest mistake gets hit with a $200 bill yet the multi-million (and often billion) dollar companies that saw screw parking rules and public safety maybe get hit with a $50 fine? The city actively walks past these tractor trailers without giving them tickets….

              A company worth billions should be paying more for intentional fines compared to residents who are worth fare less who make an honest mistake.

  2. MichaelD’s comment was simply saying that it’s incredibly frustrating when you live in the North End and can’t find resident parking when there are non-resident cars taking up parking spots. He wasn’t looking for statistics and never said he felt entitled to a guaranteed parking spot. There definitely needs to be more enforcement from the city with significantly higher parking fines for this. We rely on these resident spots daily as a place to park our cars. There are available parking lots where non-resident cars can park, but the fine isn’t high enough for many of them to make the effort to do so.

    1. Agree with this 100%. We know we aren’t guaranteed a spot but it would be easier if non-residents weren’t taking up spots.

  3. Getting rid of one or two of the valet areas would help. When the city added an extra valet area in front of Il Panino, we were promised better enforcement and an overnight, resident only lot on Commercial St. where there is now a construction site. That lot was available for residents for MAYBE 6 months before it was closed for construction purposes.

  4. The city needs to audit all the handicap spaces as I think many were installed for residents who have gone elsewhere. I see the the same handicap spaces – empty – day after day. And I will save you all from a rant about the blatant abuse of handicap spaces, a practice that takes away many parking spaces from honest residents.

  5. I agree with MichaelD and Mike…I am sorry Ray but many of the non resident cars taking resident only parking spots are visitors, people who do not wish to pay for parking to have a 1 1/2 hour dinner, or to visit a friend who rents. Why should a resident who is paying the taxes to live here and has a sticker be forced to pay for parking? Statistics mean nothing unless you wish to find a solution. Because parking so tight here, I say ticketing and towing should increase…Cambridge neighborhoods are relentless with this, we should be also. It is not a solution, but could help provide a deterrent .

    1. No doubt. This is a good use of 311. A tow truck comes and a spot becomes open. That’ll be one expensive dinner, plus the cab ride down to South Bay.

      1. Exact t. Mobile sprint.

        Start towing the cars and the same ones who come in week after week and take resident spots will probably stop…

        And when other non residents are driving around and thinking about taking a resident spot, will probably think twice.

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