Over the past few months there have been several discussions around water transportation and expanding public use of Boston Harbor and the waterfront. Boston Harbor Now participated in a waterfront panel back in July that focused on, among other things, moving city traffic to the harbor by increasing water shuttles. City council candidates have also shared their thoughts on water transportation in recent panel discussions.

In a previous reader poll, the majority of NorthEndWaterfront.com readers (90% of those who participated) voted that Boston should expand its inner harbor ferry system. Now the question is, where to? What places would you like to be connected to via water shuttle from the North End / Waterfront? Vote in the poll and include other locations and thoughts in the comments section below!

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

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  1. I think this is a Boston Harbor transportation around Boston only project proposal . Not a make it easier for people to get out of Boston and escape to the Cape and Islands adventure.

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