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Reader Poll: Should Boston Expand Its Inner Harbor Ferry System?

The Inner Harbor Ferry Expansion is one of many projects that are part of Go Boston 2030.

At a recent meeting of civic non-profit leaders at the New England Aquarium, a lengthy discussion ensued about the expansion of Boston’s water transportation system. The panelists expressed support for additional ferries to decrease the surface road congestion including hundreds of private shuttles transporting employees to / from North and South Station. The panel also raised important questions about who would manage and fund this new water system.

Go Boston 2030, comprised of 58 projects to address transportation challenges in the city, has also included inner harbor ferry expansion as a long-term goal. The project aims to connect Lovejoy Wharf to Fan Pier, Charlestown’s Pier 4, and Lewis Mall in East Boston.

What are your thoughts on expanding Boston’s water transportation system? Vote in the poll and share additional comments below.

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4 Replies to “Reader Poll: Should Boston Expand Its Inner Harbor Ferry System?

  1. The Lovejoy Wharf to Fan Pier (and back) route would be extremely valuable for commuters traveling between North Station and the Seaport. Many companies have taken to providing private shuttles on this route due to lack of efficient options.

  2. Boston barely moves and will get worse. Water transportation is by far the best option. But there is also a lack of decent docking piers… Plus the large mooring fields for sailboats make a direct route impossible adding to the time to get from one place to another. A Ferry from Chelsea to downtown should also be considered with expanded hours for those who clean all the office buildings.

  3. Love the ferries. Please set & enforce standards for clean/green operation of all on the water transport.

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