REVMA performing on the Prado

The North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) provided another free concert Thursday on the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) as a part of their Free Summer Concert Series. REVMA performed traditional Greek music for all to enjoy. Free arts and crafts were also provided by North End Against Drugs.

To start the night off, three students who learn under private instruction at NEMPAC performed for the public. Ferdinand Carangelo and Sharon Tam performed piano pieces, and Caitlin McDermott sang a song from The Little Mermaid.

After the student performances, REVMA began their traditional Greek “Dimotika” music set. The three musicians were: Sandy Theodorou (accordion, laouto, and vocals), Glenn Dickson (clarinet), and Fabio Pirozzolo (percussion and vocals). Throughout their performance, the group told stories about the songs they sung and described certain aspects of traditional Greek culture. To find out more about REVMA, visit their website.

See the gallery below for a look at an evening of Greek Music on The Prado.

Audience members clapping along with the music
Glenn Dickson playing a traditional Greek instrument known as the Oud.
Fabio Pirozzolo playing a percussion instrument similar to a tambourine
Sandy Theodorou playing the laouto, a traditional Greek instrument
Glenn Dickson playing the traditional Greek instrument known as the Oud
Patricia Romano helping some kids with free arts and crafts provided by North End Against Drugs
Sharon Tam, a student at NEMPAC, performing a few piano pieces.
Caitlin McDermott, a student at NEMPAC, performing a song from The Little Mermaid
Ferdinand Carangelo, a student at NEMPAC, performing a piano piece

NEMPAC has been providing free concerts to the public each Thursday in July. Next week’s free concert, also the last of the series, will feature Caio Afiune with a Brazilian Ensemble. For more informaiton, head to their website at 


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  1. A delightful concert of Greek music AND dancing! Chris Romano’s photos capture the evening’s magic perfectly.
    Bravo, Chris!!!

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