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13-Story North Washington Street Hotel “88NOWA” Approved by Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for the City of Boston voted on May 9th to approve the request by LIMAC Realty, LLC to erect a new hotel at 86-88 N. Washington Street. The ZBA approval follows a supportive vote by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) in March 2017.

Property owner Thomas MacKay plans to build a 68-key, 13-story hotel at 88 N. Washington Street on the corner of Valenti Way. The project structure would be 128 feet tall (plus mechanicals), occupy 36,000 sq. feet and cost $16.5 million to develop. Coined “88NOWA”, the hotel will have a first floor lobby, a second floor mezzanine, and 11 levels of guest rooms. The no-frills hotel is said to serve the $180/night price point and with perhaps a small cafe on the 2nd floor. Most floors will have 5 micro-rooms, about 200 square feet with one queen bed.

The ZBA unanimously approved the variances required, including building higher than the 100 foot zoning height limit. Community feedback resulted in a reduction of 19 feet of height from the first proposal with fewer hotel rooms.

The developer emphasizes the benefits of replacing the corner parking lot eyesore at the site which is adjacent to the 160 foot high Murano building. On the other side of the location, is 90 N. Washington Street where Ward 8 restaurant is located on the ground floor.

The developer will make a $36,000 contribution to the City of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department to be used for the Parcel 2 “Valenti Square” park upon issuance of the building permit for the proposed project. Parcel 2 is the small triangular plot of land across the street from the property where cars u-turn to get to the airport tunnel entrance.

Continuing to oppose the hotel project is the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) in the letter shown below. The resident group contends the hotel introduces several dangerous precedents and threatens public safety. With the flurry of development activity in the Bulfinch Triangle / North Station area, NEWRA points out the hotel would make a congested intersection even worse for pedestrians on N. Washington Street. Further, the group says the hotel is still too large for the small corner parcel and strongly opposes the overhang of the public sidewalk.

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3 Replies to “13-Story North Washington Street Hotel “88NOWA” Approved by Zoning Board

  1. At the last public meeting held for the project, in January, the developer reported that the so-called “no-frills” hotel concept had been changed, and that the hotel would be geared toward a business clientele, with rates similar to other hotels in the area. The developer reported that rates will therefore be much greater than the $180 initially proposed. Also, plans show that the possible “small café” on the second floor will be for guests, primarily. It will not have enough accommodation for general public use, and won’t be easily accessible from the street. The developer also reported that the hotel’s pick-up/drop off on Valenti Way (there will be no parking) will not obstruct traffic because the far right lane (of three lanes) on Valenti Way will be removed as a traffic lane and be used for commercial parking/drop-off. No confirmation from the City.

  2. How about the bra (or whatever they are called now) and the developer have to get in a car from city square (c-town) at 5pm and get to haymarket and then make a decision.

    For fun I’ll start in the same spot and walk, we can see who gets to haymarket first and how much ahead they are.

    But our politicians are for the residents who vote for them and not big buisness from outside of the city, right?

    I’d parlay my walking bet that once the permit is in hand, the project goes up for sale.

  3. Just curious…. can anyone tell me if folks from the Prince Bldg on Commercial Street spoke out against this hotel like they did about Lewis Wharf? You know the ones who said No to a Hotel on Lewis Wharf. The ones who said that the Hotel was bad for the North End….. Probably not since this Hotel doesn’t directly impact their North End. Where is the outcry from those same people???? I can tell you where it is …. doesn’t exist because of the location. Yeah, it was never about your views. Please.

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