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Harbor Towers Artwork Mystery Solved! They’re Laptops

When folks walk around Harbor Towers, there is the inevitable question about the huge stainless steel panel art sculpture. Are they supposed to be sails or maybe seagull wings? Some think they must be solar panels and of course, skateboarders only see big ramps. Going back to its creation in 1964 by original artist David von Schlegell, it’s formally named Untitled Landscape.

On Saturday morning, Harbor Tower residents woke up to a new meaning created by local artist Nate Swain who added some uncommissioned touches to the sculpture. Swain is calling it 1964 Mainframe Tops referring to the added ‘decals’ of the Apple and Microsoft brands, complete with “Intel Inside” and power on/off buttons.

Photo by Nate Swain.

5 Replies to “Harbor Towers Artwork Mystery Solved! They’re Laptops

  1. Its already peeled off and gone That was the shortest lasting art work I ever made. Boston really doesn’t know how to have fun. On to the next guerrilla art work.

  2. What a fun idea! These panels have never made any sense to me. It would actually be better to have temporary decorations or art there.

  3. Very clever but if “art” is uncomissioned, no matter how clever or original, it’s graffiti. I’m sure some would be upset if this local artist took a spray paint can to the site.

  4. @Peter: I believe the point here is that the artist didn’t use spray paint–he used decals, which are removable and didn’t damage the original work. He made a pointed and amusing commentary, and made it with a light touch. I agree with him that those in charge here swept in with a smug righteousness that lacks a sense of humor.

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