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“Log Cabin” Guerilla Art on the Greenway

Guerilla artist, Nate Swain, has struck again! If you walk the Greenway past Rowes Wharf, you will notice the tunnel egress headhouse has turned into a “log cabin.”

The 67 foot vinyl wrap is held up using thirty magnets, specifically 100 lb. neodymium magnets. The 3D logs are painted on a discarded Yahoo ad vinyl fence scrim.

“It’s a gift from me to the city of Boston,” says Nate. I want to show everyone the public art potential of this space. It’s harmless, beautiful and fun public art.”

Putting up the display without the prior approval of the Greenway Conservancy means the display is likely to be taken down. Nate hopes officials will let it stay a while longer.

Interestingly, both Nate Swain and the Greenway Conservancy have prior experience with murals. Nate did the Sequoia tree on the Government Center Garage, the windows on the Salem Street powerhouse and flower billboards on Beacon Hill. The Conservancy is well known for its annual murals near Dewey Square, including the current “Spaces of Hope.

Photos by Matt Conti.

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9 Replies to ““Log Cabin” Guerilla Art on the Greenway

  1. good job Nate! Harmless and beautiful!

    Can you make an inauguration platform disappear with such Guerilla Art?

    I think your art should stay up at least until the Spring, but the “corporate white people” will probably press charges against you for having free thoughts.

    1. No one will press charges against you for having lose thoughts. You sound like someone who got caught painting some grafitti scrawl on someone’s building. Just because you spray paint someone’s property doesn’t make you an artist. People like you take away from this guy’s creativity.

  2. It already has been taken down. I guess it was to fun and imaginative for Boston. I guess the beuracrocratic control freaks got all worked up over loss of control. Now I need to hunt down who took it and get it back.

    1. Nate,
      I loved the artwork! Did you try contacting someone at the Greenway before you put it up? I would think this sort of project would be something they would be happy to support.

  3. I can’t believe those people! I remember coming home from work to discover someone put yellow wallpaper in my kitchen without my permission and I *totally* loved it.

    Perhaps those “beuracrocratic [sic] control freaks” wanted to respect the dozens and dozens of artists who applied (and were approved) to have their work in the park instead of letting anyone put whatever they feel is warranted in that space.

  4. We immediately noticed this Art Sunday morning and thought it was a great addition to the Greenway. I awould hope it would be supported if the artist approached for permission first. It’s a shame it is down and missing.
    To be honest, it is more fun and attractive than the murals that have been up. Not only are they disappointing, but too expensive and not supportive of local artists.

  5. Thankfully the Greenway gave me my mural back. The Greenway likes the piece but I need to get permission from MassDOT. Its their building. I was told “Good luck with that. MassDOT only cares about Highways and Bridges” That’s totally understandable but maybe they can say yes to dressing up one of the boring tunnel egresses headhouses. If I get the go ahead I will promise to use stronger masonry anchors next time. Wish me luck.

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