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Night Scenes of the Echelman Sculpture, “As If It Were Already Here”

For all its shimmering transparency during the day, the Janet Echelman sculpture, named “As If It Were Already Here” comes to life at night when LED lighting makes it glow amid the backdrop of the Boston skyline. Here is a photo gallery from the public art display on the Rose Kennedy Greenway showing the various lighting schemes used at night. Photos by Matt Conti.

Photos by Matt Conti.

5 Replies to “Night Scenes of the Echelman Sculpture, “As If It Were Already Here”

  1. I did not understand this sculpture from the pictures posted during the day. It is spectacular at night!! It reminds me of Cristo’s work, only in the sky. Boston is the best! Thanks for sharing Matt.

  2. I have just spent a weekend enjoying and deciphering this new addition to the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. After watching it swaying and dancing in the Springtime breezes,,,,,staying still and calm as the night fell upon it,,,,,, or fluttering wildly in the wind, I felt the sails aboard the Mayflower and ships that continue to sail the Boston Harbors. This is simply Boston.

  3. I only had the opportunity to visit this extraordinary sculpture on Monday, July 20, my birthday…. I thought it was utterly mesmerizing and gorgeous. Then I was told that half or more had already been removed. WHY? I thought it was meant to stay in place through October. I wish it could stay up permanently. It is a stunning creation!
    Thanks, Anita

    1. Anita, none of the sculpture has been removed. You were given bad information. The sculpture continues to be in the full form installed on May 3rd and will stay that way until removed in October.

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