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Sunday Globe Magazine: “The Boston Waterfront Has Arrived”

Phyllis Rugnetta, Mary Giuffreda, and Nancy Caruso joined fellow North End resident Frank Ania for a game of bocce on the North End waterfront. This 1998 photo is included in the Globe’s gallery associated with the May 13, 2012 article, “The Boston Waterfront has Arrived.” View the entire gallery.

Tom Keane writes “The Boston Waterfront has Arrived” in this Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine:

Boston’s waterfront has exploded in the public consciousness. It feels like the newest, coolest, and most vibrant part of the city, pulsating with activity, suddenly crammed with tourists — and even longtime Boston residents — who marvel at newly discovered delights around every corner of its 47 miles. That’s right: 47 miles. The waterfront stretches from the southernmost tip of Dorchester through South Boston, to downtown, the North End, Charlestown, and finally to East Boston.

Eighty-five percent of the shore is pedestrian-friendly, part of the groundbreaking public way known as the HarborWalk. New apartments and condos are popping up everywhere, notably in South Boston, but also, hopefully, East Boston. And the list of attractions along its course is staggering. And, of course, there are the retailers and restaurants that stretch its length, upscale and everyday, famous chefs and casual cooks. More are slated as eager businessmen and women, sensing money to be made, realize that the waterfront, no longer ignored and neglected, has arrived.

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