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DeFilippo (Gassy) Dog Park Design Presented to Neighborhood [Video]

The design phase for the DeFilippo (Gassy) Dog Park is nearing completion with construction expected later this Fall or early in 2017, according to Kelly Thomas, Dog Park Project Manager for the Boston Parks Department. Located on the ‘flights’ area of the Gassy, there are two fenced in terrace areas … larger dogs on the lower level and smaller ones up top. The park will be open during the day and closed at night using automatic locks.

Dog Park


RUFF North End has been a driving force behind the city’s first new dog park in many years. After managing a successful pilot program, the Parks Department, Public Works and RUFF are looking forward to bringing state-of-the-art artificial turf along with automatic irrigation and landscaping. Several dog-friendly features will be included, such as ramps, pipes and sprinkling fire hydrants.

Of the estimated $200,000 construction cost, 90% is being grant funded by the Stanton Foundation with the balance from the City of Boston who will provide maintenance along with help from RUFF North End.

Presentations from this week’s neighborhood meetings are shown in videos at the top and bottom of this post. Questions about the dog park can be sent to

7 Replies to “DeFilippo (Gassy) Dog Park Design Presented to Neighborhood [Video]

  1. The dog park at the DeFillipo playground has brought many dog owners and dog walkers to this park. The front of the DeFillipo (Gassy) where there is a strip of grass and dirt is still used as a dog toilet. The sitting area at the bottom of the steps at the left entrance to the park is also a dog toilet. The grass on both sides of the swing sets is also a dog toilet The indented areas on the right hand side of the park are also used as a dog toilet.. Some pick up Some dont Some look around first and do not pick up. Some will go to the dog park after their pets have gone , most dont. .
    The toilet areas are a health hazard, the smell is horrible especially in summer , they cannot be used by adults or children.How much of this playground do owners need for their pets Something must be done. Good intentions by RUFF is not enough Maybe some of the 200,000 dollars RUFF will receive can be used for a Dog Officer and used to clean the toilet areas. I am asking RUFF organization to please address this issue.and please try to get a dog officer assigned to the NorthEnd. Our streets and sidewalks are a Mess. Thank You.

    1. Mame: Did you see the illustration? Are you aware that RUFF knows the problems. But now, there will be a dog park, and you can relax.

      1. Heather, I live across the street from the Gassy and support the dog park and RUFF’s efforts, however Mame is absolutely correct, many dog owners still allow their dogs to do their business on the grass areas of both sides of the swing set. I bring my nephew there quite often and I cannot “relax” because I have to remain vigilant of where he and i will run and step.

        May I suggest better signage at entrance to Gassy to alert folks that dogs are allowed ONLY up the “flights” and also placement of additional signs on the grass areas adjacent to the swings to read: NO DOGS!


    1. SAM: Oh, stop. Were you being funny / or are you serious? NE is not going to the dogs….not at all.

  2. RUFF, should be applauded for their efforts.”You can lead a horse to water” [YOU KNOW WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS] just like you cant legislate morality what can RUFF do about ignorant people who refuse to pick up after their dogs? That’s not the responsibility of the RUFF organization, it’s the responsibility of the dog owners.

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