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Zoning Board Rules on North End Applications

Modifications to 27 Sheafe Street were denied without prejudice by the Zoning Board.

Boston’s Zoning Board of Appeals recently ruled on three requests in the North End.

Receiving approval was the application at 290 North Street to convert the bed and breakfast to a four unit residential building. [See Neighborhood Groups Support 290 North St. Change]

Also receiving approval was the owner at 4 Cleveland Place to change the occupancy of the building from a two-story single family dwelling to a four-story plus mezzanine three-family dwelling with the addition of a new private roof deck for the upper unit. Again, both the Neighborhood Council and Residents’ Association supported the zoning relief.

Denied without prejudice was an application for 27 Sheafe Street where the five unit property was proposed to be expanded to eight units. Plans include modifications to an existing head house and to erect new roof deck. The denial comes despite support by both neighborhood groups.