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New Street Lights Installed on Commercial Street

Old (left) and New Street Lights on Commercial Street

“Out with the old flat tops and in with the new domes,” says Maryann O’Brien who captures the swap out of street lights on Commercial Street. The work brings the ornate and brighter lights as part of the Connect Historic Boston project funding the ongoing cycle track installation around the North End and Downtown Boston.

Workers replacing the street lights in front of Puopolo Field

4 Replies to “New Street Lights Installed on Commercial Street

  1. Commercial St has tons of traffic, and fast drivers. That street needs the lights. Prince st has good lighting beginning with Bova’s, on down to Hanover.

  2. From the corner of Commercial & Prince Street down to Bovas, Prince Street is very dark, After several calls to City Hall reporting a.. street light that was not working on this end of Prince Street
    The solution , the broken street light was removed and the area was filled in. We now have NO street light at this location (in front of the playground)

    1. Yes, you are correct. From Commercial to Bovas is a dark winding road…..forgot about that area since I don’t frequent it.

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