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Street Lights Out on Hanover Street

Lights Out on Hanover Street – Shown here are two out between Battery and Commercial Streets (NEWF Photo)

Several folks have contacted us about lights being out on Hanover Street for extended periods of time. On a recent night, we counted five of the acorn lights out from along Hanover from Cross to Commercial streets. Business owners have contacted the city repeatedly in hopes the lights would be fixed.

At a recent North End Chamber of Commerce meeting, Public Works said they would be cutting decorative lights that connected to their system due to overload problems. However, the acorn light outages do not appear to be related to holiday lights.

To report a street light outage, contact the Mayor’s 24 hour hotline at 617-635-4500 or file an online form at

One Reply to “Street Lights Out on Hanover Street

  1. For the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have been waiting for the street light in front of my home to be replaced ! The city continues adding new but doesn’t take care of the existing ! I can’t help feeling~~if this was a tourist area~~~it would be taken care of quickly ! Maybe if it was a Bicycle Route street~~~it would be tended to immediately !
    Years ago, I would have called over and over again, but I got tired~~~it still isn’t going to be taken care of~~ANY FASTER !!!! Meanwhile, I would get so upset, and suffer physically, and make enemies~~ that it wasn’t worth it !
    Calling the City with a problem, should take one phone call~~~but in today’s world, you cannot rely on that message actually getting to the proper department or person in charge !!! And when I say this~~it applies to MOST of the City’s Service Departments !!! Thank God ~~The Fire Department is EXCLUDED from this Category !!!!
    Signed~~TIRED !!

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