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Major Street Light Outages Continue in North End

We reported last week on increasing street light outages in the North End especially on Hanover Street. Unfortunately, the situation has deteriorated further. Extended sections of Hanover Street are now without street lights and there are several outages on Prince Street among other locations. There is one bright spot, however, as the new acorn lights Read More…

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New Acorn Streetlights on Salem Street

As part of the Salem Street reconstruction in the North End, new acorn-style streetlights have been installed by the Department of Public Works. Work continues on various parts of the street and sidewalks with a full street repaving set for after Columbus Day when the “leaf peeking” tourist traffic dies down. City Councilor Sal LaMattina Read More…

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Downtown View: Let There Be Light

It has been 135 years since Thomas Edison patented his first incandescent light bulb. Such an inventive guy would be delighted with what is taking place in urban lighting as incandescent bulbs are phased out. And phasing out incandescent lighting is not a Communist plot, as some would have it. Technology has been moving so Read More…

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Public Works Notice: Streetlights on Snowhill and Charter Streets Out Until Tuesday

The Mayor’s 24 Hour Constituent Hotline has received notice from Public Works Department that the lights around Snowhill St. and Charter St. will be out until tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 31st). A total of eight street lights will be out on Monday night. Contact the hotline at 617 635 4500 with any questions.