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Major Street Light Outages Continue in North End

We reported last week on increasing street light outages in the North End especially on Hanover Street. Unfortunately, the situation has deteriorated further. Extended sections of Hanover Street are now without street lights and there are several outages on Prince Street among other locations. There is one bright spot, however, as the new acorn lights on Salem Street are working fine! That good news does not extend to the Prado where the Christmas tree has been dark for most of the holiday season.

City Hall is aware of the problem and believe there is a short underground on Hanover Street. Crews are expected to repair the lights. Public Works believes the system have overloaded due to holiday lights. To report a street light outage, contact the Mayor’s 24 hour hotline at 617-635-4500 or file an online form at The following photos were taken on Thursday evening, December 19th.

12/23/13 Update: Repair crews have fixed the electrical street light outage on Hanover Street.

Photos by Matt Conti.

3 Replies to “Major Street Light Outages Continue in North End

  1. This is not a new problem by any stretch of the imagination. Prince Street from Commercial to Salem is completely dark it seems like once a week, same with Parmenter, Sheafe, Snow Hill, and others on this side of the hood. It’s these residential side streets, not the busy commercial streets like Hanover with a ton of lit up businesses, that are the problems. These streets are where you have multiple dark, hidden spots that can be very dangerous.

  2. The street light outage only invites more crime to what was suppose to be our safe North End. What a joke!!!!!!

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