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Extended Street Sweeping Enforcement Begins December 14th



As broadcast on these Commercial Street electronic signs, the Department of Public Works is telling North End residents that it will start ticketing and towing cars that are not moved on street cleaning days, starting December 14th. The notice is part of the expanded pilot program which continued mechanical street sweeping into December. For the past two weeks, only warnings were given by authorities.

At this week’s NEWRA meeting, Kathy Carangelo from Councilor Sal LaMattina’s office said there have been no issues so far with the expanded program. Mechanical street cleaning will end on December 31st and resume again on March 1st.

View more information on the pilot program, including how to sign-up for email notices.

Separately, the Councilor and city officials will be doing a walkthrough of sidewalks for a Spring fix-up program. Residents can identify sidewalk concerns by calling the Councilor’s office at 617-635-3200.

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  1. Must have been a slow news night last night for CH4 to cover this non story on the 11PM news. Ever wonder why the media picks up on every LITTLE thing in the North End and NEVER covers the same non story from Beacon Hill…which is often the neighborhood model used for these programs?

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