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Old Northern Avenue Bridge Illuminated With LED Lights [Photo Gallery]

A new lighting scheme was unveiled on Tuesday evening on the Old Northern Avenue Bridge where LED lights have been installed to adorn the historic structure.

Originally constructed in 1908, the bridge serves as a walking and biking passageway between the Seaport District and Downtown Boston.

In a news release, officials cheered the new lighted gateway that will be a permanent fixture on the bridge.

“Lighting the Northern Avenue Bridge not only enlivens the Fort Point Channel and celebrates the architecture of this historic bridge, but it also underscores the growing connection between the Innovation District and the Financial District,” Mayor Menino said. “I applaud the work of Light Boston, the Department of Public Works, and all our partners who made this possible.”

The project was a collaboration between the Public Works Department (Commissioner Joanne Massaro shown above with Mayor Menino), which maintains the bridge and Light Boston, Inc, a not-for-profit organization advocating for illuminating Boston’s unique history and culture.

“We are proud to have worked with Mayor’s Office and the Department of Public Works to light this historic bridge with sustainable and artistic lighting that contributes to the activation of the Fort Point Channel,” said Diane Georgopulos, President of the Light Boston board.

The lighting design was done by lighting artist John Powell, with equipment supplied by Philips Color Kinetics.

“As an innovator in LED technology, Philips understands that lighting iconic structures is about creating a meaningful impact in a community, a source of pride for residents,” said Paul Kennedy, general manager of Philips Color Kinetics. “The Northern Avenue Bridge is a shining example of the positive impact that public-private partnerships can have our communities. We are committed to working with city officials and organizations like Light Boston to help make the neighborhoods in which we live and work more vibrant.”

The project uses LED lights that can use both static and dynamic lights schemes to highlight and accentuate the metal truss faming of the bridge. The lights can be changed to make any color desired.

Photos by Matt Conti. High resolution gallery and prints.

9 Replies to “Old Northern Avenue Bridge Illuminated With LED Lights [Photo Gallery]

  1. Matt, these pictures are splendid. Thank you for posting this. I had no idea this was going on, and I had interviewed Diane only a couple of months ago. I hope they are permanent.


  2. This was a beautiful and intimate ceremony that I was fortunate enough to have attended. Mayor Menino was a delight and the bridge is the most beautiful bridge in the city! So happy it got the “royal treatment”!!

  3. Speaking of bridges…is the North Washington St bridge ever going to be “fixed”? That bridge is a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. the lights are meant to permanent — at the moment, they run from dusk to ten –the total power consumption is less than 500 watts–the program will change over time —

    John Powell

  5. MR MAYOR have you driven over the CHARLESTOWN BRIDGE been an eye sore for over 20 years WHAT THE HELL

  6. If memory serves me right funding to repair the Charlestown Bridge was allocated a couple of years ago but there still [obviously] has been nothing done There is another decades old eye soar a ramp on McGrath highway as you head to Sullivan Sq.that they never finished tearing down.

  7. Matt the photography of “the bridge” is beautiful. Thank you for keeping us informed and reminding us of how beautiful our city really is! Pidg Ciampa

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