Concerns regarding a stalled planning process for the Downtown Waterfront are being expressed by several members of the Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee. The planning process will set the guidelines for major development sites, including Harbor Garage and Hook Lobster site. In addition to asking why 14 meetings were cancelled this year, the committee members are concerned about potential behind-the-scenes deals being made between developers and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The full letter is shown below.

NorthEndWaterfront 2015-11-26 at 7.53.19 PM

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  1. 14 meetings cancelled. A travesty against democratic government.
    Boston residents’ civil rights have been and are being trashed.
    Most unforgivable: planning for the harbor area does not emphasize certain future floodiing of the harbor area and further into the city. Parts of the city face major flooding within this generation.
    Foundations will crumble (Check the research.)

    Boston cannot continue giving $$ incentives to obscenely wealthy builders. People are homeless and hungry; some are dying on the street.
    Forget charity. Think and act with prudence and justice.
    Mayor Walsh must learn how to lead. Movers and shakers of Boston must operate for the good of the community as well as for themselves.

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