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A rendering of the $1 billion mixed-use Harbor Garage proposal by Don Chiofaro.
A rendering of the $1 billion mixed-use Harbor Garage proposal by Don Chiofaro.

Aquarium study says Chiofaro harbor project will clog traffic, cut parking

A study on the impact of Don Chiofaro’s $1 billion two-tower project plan was released by The New England Aquarium, concluding that the project would bring a parking deficit of 150 to 200 parking spots, and a 39 to 69 percent increase in weekday traffic. The Boston Herald has more on the stance and the reaction to the study.

Valet for the common man

Similar to Uber in many ways, Luxe Valet is a new app that is changing the way people park in Downtown Boston. For as little as $5 an hour for valet service and parking with a maximum charge of $25 for all day in Boston, read more about the app that takes “the pain point of parking and maintaining your car,” at Commonwealth Magazine. Is it too good to be true?

Sal DiMasi is now 70 and suffering from cancer, photo by John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe.
Sal DiMasi is now 70 and suffering from cancer, photo by John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe.

An ill Sal DiMasi deserves better treatment

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi, a key in the monumental Massachusetts health care reform which aimed to provide “healthcare for all,” remains in federal custody in Butner, N.C. with stage 4 cancer. Hoping to be released under the compassionate release program, The Boston Globe has more on the stance to get DiMasi released.

Rising condo prices aren’t likely to slow anytime soon

The truth lies in the numbers when it comes to condo prices in Charlestown, and the same goes for the North End neighborhood as well. North End condo prices increased 15% from 2014 to 2015, while Charlestown has seen an increase of only 12% in that time, unlike the North End there are no new residential towers coming to bring condo supply closer to demand. Read more at, Boston.com Real Estate.

View the slideshow for renderings across the city of how the skyline will change from familiar views.
View the slideshow for renderings of how Boston’s skyline will change in the next few years.

HYM unveils revised plans for sprawling Government Center project

With so much development taking place in Downtown Boston, the waterfront, and by TD Garden, how does this shape the future for downtown Boston? Boston Business Journal has more on the project that aims to connect Boston’s Bulfinch Triangle, Government Center, the West End, the North End, and Beacon Hill with a five-acre development area.

Tracked Down: Brendan Gleeson, Scott Eastwood, Lil’ Poopy and more…

We have seen photos all about the set of Ben Affleck’s latest film, “Live By Night,” but what about the rest of the cast?  The Boston Herald spotted Brendan Gleeson and Scott Eastwood, who are cast to play Affleck’s brothers in the film.

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  1. Are Federal authorities concerned that di Masi will be getting special treatment if they allow him to return home?
    Cruel, inhumane thought process from the small and ignorant people. Shame on them, truly. Bring di Masi home, for heaven’s sake.

    • Yes, Jamison, I agree ~~There is more empathy for animals than humans ! Something is wrong !!
      Not that animals don’t deserve to be treated well, but Sal Dimasi is NO THREAT to the Community ~~~give him some compassion !

  2. Sal Dimasi was never a threat to the community or anyone else for that matter. He was an elected official who broke the trust of the people who elected him. Accepting asking for and kickbacks is a crime and an accepting something like that as “this is just the way it is” only makes us a third world country. While some are out there fighting and dying to protect our country, polititions need to be more accountable. Besides he is probably getting better care where he is than most veterans get.

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