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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Blue Greenway and Red Rowes Wharf

The puzzlers have been very patient waiting for a new jigsaw picture puzzle. I made this one 100 pieces since it’s been so long and you might have some time for a challenge. It’s a holiday scene showing the blue lights from the Greenway’s Harbor Fog feature with Rowes Wharf lit up in red. Enjoy!

How to play: Move and drag the pieces around just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. If you are “missing” a piece, move the other pieces aside to look behind them. Beginners can use the guides found in the lower left icons.

Post your feedback (too easy, hard, love it, hate it, etc.) and best time in the comments section below!

6 Replies to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Blue Greenway and Red Rowes Wharf

  1. 18:02
    Matt, this has to be one of the most difficult puzzles you have produced. Not because of the numbers, but because of the darkness.
    Great puzzle. Thanks

  2. Loved it. Took 27 minutes. medium to hard. Thanks. Been missing the puzzles! Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

  3. Matt~~great one !! As you know, I do at least 8 to 10 puzzles a day ! This was a little difficult (which is good) it took me 20.09 min. Love them !! I belong to Jigsaw Puzzles~~I enjoy taking my time and relaxing !

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