Permanent Dog Park Planned for Gassy Flights [Video]

“The dog park pilot at Gassy Flights (DeFilippo Playground) went extremely well and has been approved by the City to be a permanent addition to the neighborhood,” said RUFF (Responsible Urbanites for Fido) President Leslie Horn at this month’s North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting. “The feedback we have been received has been extraordinarily positive. We’re excited,” said Horn.

As part of the permanent upgrades, new lawn-like “canine grass” will be put down allowing for drainage. A sprinkler system will be installed, including various disinfectants on a regular basis.Boston Parks Department is expected to continue providing day-to-day maintenance and trash disposal.

Residents congratulated RUFF on the dog park success, noting the added benefit that it driven out the longstanding illicit activity in the Gassy Flights.

Five RUFF volunteers lock and unlock the park gates every morning and night. A permanent park could have automatic locks allowing it to be open earlier and later in the day.

A grant is paying for some of the permanent upgrades, but RUFF will be fundraising for the balance. Similar to a Friends group, RUFF and the City will have a public/private partnership responsible for the parks’ upkeep. A RUFF Dog Show Fundraiser is planned for October 10th, 11am-3pm. All are welcome.

The new dog park is expected receives its upgrades in time for an opening in the Spring 2016. The space will continue to be available as a dog park in the meantime.

Watch the video above for the complete update on the permanent dog park.

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5 Replies to “Permanent Dog Park Planned for Gassy Flights [Video]

  1. Please ask your members to please keep all dogs on a leash in the playground area and on the sidewalk leading to the playground.. Some dog owners are letting their pets off leash before entering the playground. It is frightening to suddenly find a dog running toward you with no leash, no owner. Thank You

    1. I would like to add to the post by Mame. Ruff has worked hard for this dog park. Would you also mention in your newsletter that the dog park is up the flights and not the rest of the playground. So please take your dog up there to do their business. God forbide you try to say something to them. Every day I see people letting their dogs crap and pee on the grass areas in the main playground when the park is right up the stairs.

  2. Congratulations Ruff! All of your dedication and hard work paid off. Happy to hear the pilot program was a success and you’ll have a permanent home

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