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311 System Replaces Mayors Hotline and Citizens Connect

Bos:311 has replaced the Mayor’s Hotline and Citizens Connect with an easier to remember 311 phone number to register complaints and file non-emergency reports of city issues. The Citizens Connect mobile app has been automatically rebranded (no need to download again). You can also tweet @BOS311 or go to the updated website at

Use Bos:311 to report trash and litter issues, health hazards (needles, rats), potholes, broken sidewalks, signs, park equipment, illegal parking, street lights, graffiti, dead trees and anything for which you would not use 911.

Call 911 for emergencies. Here are the details from City Hall on how to use the new 311 system.

Same great service, new name: Boston 311

Each day we accept hundreds of reports of graffiti, burnt out street lights, missed trash collection, and more over the phone, social media, and mobile app. Starting today, we’re aligning these reporting services under the name Boston 311.

What does this mean for you? You’ll still be accessing the same non-emergency city services, but in a way that’s easier to remember, use, and recommend.

You can access 311 services wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every report you make helps us maintain and improve our city.

CALL 311
Dial 311 within Boston city limits to be connected with our agents. You can also still request city services by dialing 617-635-4500.

We’ve renamed the award-winning Citizens Connect app to BOS:311 and added additional features. Download the app for iOS or Android.

Tweet a request @BOS311 with specific information like location and a photo.

All city services, as well as general information about 311, are available online at